The Big Love Charm Bangle

“I have too much jewellery “- said no woman ever.

This bangle is defintely one of those pieces of jewellery that is substantial and eye catching enough to wear on its own.


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    • 80 £
    • 80 £

“I have too much jewellery” – said no woman ever!

I actually made this bangle for myself and it is quite possibly my favourite piece of jewellery.  I absolutely love chunky bangles and, where once upon a time I would never have worn gold, most of my jewellery now has a little touch of gold in it somewhere.

This bangle is definitely one of those pieces that is eye catching and substantial enough to wear on its own.  The little heart charm makes the lightest of sounds as it moves round the bangle, reminding you that it is there.

The solid sterling silver bangle is 4mm thick, so lovely and weighty, and is made from round wire.  The bangle has been left smooth and the little gold charm really sets it off.  The heart charm is cut, by hand, from 2mm thick 9ct yellow or rose gold sheet and measures approximately 8mm x 10mm and you can opt to have more than one charm on your chunky bangle now too. The charm is attached to the bangle by a 1.5mm thick handmade silver jumpring and it rotates the bangle freely.

The Big Love Charm Bangle arrives in a Silverpickle gift box, tied with ribbon, and includes a silver polishing cloth.

Please allow 5 to 7 days for delivery.