Pebble Heart Charm Bangle - 9ct Gold Heart

A classic Silverpickle charm bangle made out of solid sterling silver featuring my ever popular pebble charm with a 9ct gold heart.

Pebble charms are made by melting scrap sterling silver into a lovely blob of molten metal,



A classic Silverpickle charm bangle featuring one of my ever popular pebble charms with a 9ct gold heart.  I started making pebbles many years ago while experimenting with offcuts of sterling silver and they have evolved from their original rustic form into consistently smooth and tactile charms, pendants and earrings.

Pebbles start out as a little pile of sterling silver scrap that gets recycled by using the heat of the torch to make a lovely blob of molten metal.  A lot of time is spent filing and sanding each pebble to make it smooth and shiny. The bangle used for this piece is 3mm thick, solid sterling silver round wire and the surface has been left smooth. Each pebble charm weighs approximately 3.8g and measures approximately 12mm in diameter. The pebble charm has a hand cut 9ct gold heart soldered onto the surface of it, you can choose 9ct rose gold or yellow gold when ordering, and it is then oxidised and polished up until it is very shiny. The underside of the pebble has a heat textured surface caused by the melting process. Both the pebble and heart are unique to each piece as each one is made individually by hand. Although there are slight variations I do try to make each one as close to what you see in the images here.

Each pebble bangle is made to order and arrives in a Silverpickle gift box, tied with ribbon, and includes a silver polishing cloth.