Missing Heart Wrap Ring

My wrap rings are the widest rings that I make.  With this wrap ring I have hand cut a heart out of the top layer of silver so that it creates a heart shaped window to the layer underneath.



Wrap rings are the widest rings that I make and they are really quite chunky.  After experimenting with lots of different designs this is by far my favourite. Instead of my first wrap ring design, where a heart is added to the surface, with this ring I have cut a heart out, by hand, using a piercing saw.

This ring is made out of a long strip of rustically hammered 1mm thick sterling silver sheet. The widest point is 16mm at one end and I taper it at the other end so that, once the ring has been wrapped, you can see the layering clearly. I hand cut a heart out of the narrower end of the strip and it sits on the top, creating a heartshaped window to the wider layer underneath. The heart is approximately 10mm wide. Every wrap ring is completely handmade so there will be slight variations but I do my best to ensure every ring is as close to the pictures you see here. The ring is oxidised, to show the detail more clearly, and then polished.

This ring is made to order and I recommend you get an up to date wide ring size before ordering, remember the widest point is 16mm, wider rings can require going up a size or two from normal.  This ring is only available to order up to a size S but can be ordered in a larger size by booking a custom order slot. Any adjustments required will be charged for.

Wrap rings are made to order and arrive in a Silverpickle gift box, tied with ribbon, and include a silver polishing cloth.