Double Squiggle Bangle with Chunky Heart Charm

The Silverpickle Squiggle Bangle, although lovely worn alone, is really fantastic paired up with a traditional flat bangle.

The two bangles, each 3mm thick, compliment one another and are held together by a chunky heart charm.



With the introduction of the lovely Silverpickle Squiggle Bangle there was definitely room for a bit of experimentation.  Although the bangle, both skinny and standard, is lovely worn on its own, or stacked together with other Squiggle Bangles, it is also really fabulous next to traditional flat bangles. The two bangles compliment one another perfectly.

In this piece both the Squiggle Bangle and the traditional flat bangle are each 3mm thick (standard bangle thickness) and have been left smooth.  The two bangles are held together by a chunky, 3mm thick, hand cut Silverpickle heart charm, which is attached by a 1.5mm ring, that rotates both of the bangles freely.  The hallmark is found on the inner surface of the flat bangle.

This double bangle is made to order and arrives in a Silverpickle gift box, tied with ribbon, and there is a polishing cloth included in the box.

Please allow 5 to 7 days for your order to be delivered.