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Finally......Silverpickle has gift vouchers!!

For when you are unsure of ring sizes or bangle dimensions......Silverpickle gift vouchers to the rescue!

For the moment you realise you forgot a special occasion but have run out of time to go shopping......Silverpickle gift vouchers to the rescue!

When you know someone who would love a little something made by me but you have no idea what and it might be better that they get to choose themselves.......Silverpickle gift vouchers to the rescue!

Each voucher has a value of £20, is valid for one year from the date of purchase, and is posted out with a ring sizer and a blank pink envelope.  

Gift vouchers are posted Special Delivery, same as my jewellery, as it is the only way that they are insured with the Royal Mail. 


Silverpickle Gift Voucher