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I made myself a 'B' initial charm necklace many years ago and get so many compliments about it that I thought I should make them a thing. The great thing about these charms is that they are eye catching enough when you just wear one, with the contrast between the silver and gold, yet small enough to wear a cluster of them.

Each charm is completely unique, typically handmade, using recycled Sterling Silver and 9ct Gold.

The charm itself is hand forged from sterling silver.  The silver base disc is approximately 10mm in diameter and is flattened with a hammer until it is about 1mm thick.  The top gold disc is approximately 5mm in diameter and each one is hand stamped with the letter of your choice. 

The charm is oxidised before being polished and this gives it a rustic feel, highlighting any texture and the warm colour of the gold. 

Your initial charm comes with an 18" sterling silver Trace Chain.

Rustic 9ct Gold Dot Initial Pendant Charm and Chain

Chain Length