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Spinning rings are definitely one of my favourite pieces to make.  They are incredibly versatile and can be made a lot of fun by adding colour, different shapes or funky spinners.  This spinning ring is super fun, with three spinners and a variety of texture, if you like kinetic jewellery to fiddle with.

Spinning rings are also known as fidget rings and worry rings as the outer rings rotate the base ring diverting your attention from your worries or a present situation that is causing stress.  

The base ring has been lightly textured using a hammer, is 12mm in width, and has been cut from 1mm thick sterling silver sheet.  The central spinner is also 1mm thick, is 3mm wide and has been left smooth.  I have made a feature out of my hallmark and have had it stamped onto the outer surface of this spinner.  The two outer spinners are made out of 1.5mm thick dotty wire, which adds a complete contrast to the smooth central band. The ring has then been highly polished.

As this is a wide ring I recommend getting an up to date wide ring measurement at a jewellers.  Wide rings can mean having to go up a size or so.  Alterations will be charged for.

This item is made to order

Triple Spinning Ring with Visible Hallmark