Men can wear silver jewellery too. When I met my husband he asked me to make him a cuff style bangle in chunky silver with a rustic finish, he now has two and ever takes them off.  We named this man bangle a 'Mangle' and now my son also wears them.This particular Mangle is lightweight and easy to wear, made from solid Sterling Silver and measuring 8mm in width and 2mm in thickness.  It is a D-shaped Mangle and so has a natural curve to the surface.  The rustic texture is created using an old hammer and has a highly polished finish. You can opt to have a hidden heart on the inside of your Mangle.  My husband has one hidden inside one of his and loves the fact that only he and I (and now all of you) know it is there!! For best results for measuring use a tape measure and measure all the way round the wrist.  Select the measurement and choice of hidden heart from the drop down boxes when ordering.This item is made to order.

Silverpickle Mangle

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